Introduction of EAI Class in Telkom University - 11 February 2014

10:08 AM

Hello everybody, I would like to tell you about the conclusion of my lesson in EAI (Enterprise Architecture Integration) class by Mr. Taufik. In this metting we've discussed about the introduction of EAI, what factor deal with the enterprice to implementing EAI in their company. There are three factors in common, they are Re-activity and Adaptability, Accelerate time-to-market, and Manage External Exchange Optimally. 

Re-activity and adaptability mean the enterprise should immidietly response the labor market. The executive have to quick while make a decision so they can compete with other company. Accelerate time-to-market, time-to-market is the waiting time during preparing the product from the idea until the product is ready to use. EAI can help the enterprise to accelerate it so the product will more faster into the market. And the last one is Manage the external exchange optimaly, it means that the enterprise can communicate with other in realtime. So, the information is more accurate and can help the company to response it.

That's all about my summaries, I hope it can help you to know more about EAI. Keep in touch to my blog. I'm sorry about my little english so please be patient to read my summaries. See you...

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