8:05 AM

(Literally) Far from home
It doesn't matter how far you have gone if you remember how to get home. One of my favorite books, Titik Nol - Agustinus Wibowo said perjalanan pasti bakal mengubah manusia, dan kamu pasti akan berubah bersama perjalanan.

I am a last born boy in my family. when I was younger, I had never expected I will go this far and stay for long period of time. As the youngest child in my family, I tend to spend more times with my parents compare to my siblings did. People wouldn't expect I lived this far if they knew my childhood. I can say, wherever my Mom go, you'll find me right beside her as well as with my father. Until high school, my journey begins and everything was changed dramatically.


That is life, people can change but deep in the inside, their soul will never change.

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